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Introducing: OSC Cross

After years spent creating extreme-weather winter downwear, the makers of Outdoor Survival Canada (OSC) realized although their coats set the standard for Canadian-made downwear, their use was limited in milder, urban environments like the west coast. Their sister brand OSC Cross was born, filling this void for impeccably crafted winter outerwear for everyday wear.

All made in Toronto, OSC Cross creates incredible, perfectly tailored jackets for the cooler urban environments of Canada and abroad. Well styled though understated, and warrantied for life, all OSC Cross Parkas are filled with a high-level proprietary blend of ethically sourced goose and duck down. The down goes through a process of sanitation treatment as per Canadian standards with an antibacterial agent to ensure the highest quality insulation is used in every garment. The OSC Cross Collection provides a unique combination of warmth and water resistance that can be difficult to find in outerwear, particularly for our west coast climate. 

We are excited to stock two styles from the Fall/Winter 2015 OSC Cross Collection at Still Life, the Jasper Parka in Seaboard Blue and Iqaluit Parka in Blackout.

OSC Cross Jasper Parka

Inspired by clean lines and simplicity, the Jasper Parka celebrates the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and its national park. The Jasper has everything you need in a jacket; nothing more, nothing less. With its generous length and technical features, the Jasper is a contemporary take on a classic parka. Shop the Jasper Parka now.

Encompassing the rugged yet beautiful nature of Iqaluit, the Iqaluit Parka is made with the new Patinak fabric. Just like the name implies, this fabric has a patent matte finish giving this jacket a balance of edge and sophistication combined. Shop the Iqaluit Parka now.