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Junes Hombre Tote Mesh in Bronze

$32.00 CAD

Junes Hombre Tote Mesh in Bronze.

The Hombre is an eco-friendly take on the classic plastic bag.
It’s a better option - for the environment, sure, but also because it has a pocket. (And that pocket is also a stuff sack.) Throw it in your purse and get in the habit of using it everywhere – the store, take-out, separating wet or dirty items – we promise you’ll never need a plastic bag again.

  • Carries up to 40 lbs
  • W: 17”
  • H: 13.5”
  • With straps: H: 19”
  • Folds up small for stashing and stowing
  • Fabric made in the U.S.
  • NO formaldehyde or toxic dyes
  • Machine or hand wash, line dry