Still Life For Him & For Her Vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico

Still Life Mazatlan Vacation

After an ultra busy 2012 that saw Still Life For Him & For Her continue to grow with a freshly relaunched web presence & online shop, renovations to the women’s shop, and the addition of the sweetest little Baby Jensen we could have hoped for – it was time to hit the road for a little R&R to start 2013!

The extended Still Life Vacation Crew included our core staff, a girlfriend, a best friend, a brother and a baby (you can decide who’s who…) all stoked for a week of fun in the sun at the Five Star Riu Emerald Bay in Mazatlan, Mexico. Wonderful weather allowed us to work on our tans as we discussed plans for the stores moving forward, and a never-ending supply of tacos resulted in an incredibly dominant performance by Matt as he took the crown from Jordan and won the 2nd Still Life Taco Challenge with 73 tacos consumed (Jordan came 2nd with 25 tacos, Alex & Jocelyn tied for 3rd with 19 tacos each).

A big thanks goes out to everyone who made this trip possible, from the staff that stayed in Victoria working in the shops to the amazing customer base we have in Victoria (and the rest of the world) who come by all the time to pick up something special at Still Life For Him & For Her. Additionally we have to thank our friends at Lightning Bolt USA – the legendary Hawaiian surf brand hooked us all up with tanks and shorts to keep us looking our best as we hit the pools and beaches in Mazatlan. We definitely turned a lot of heads in matching tank tops but it helped build the brand up with us and we’re super excited to welcome Lightning Bolt the brand roster at the shops this spring!

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