Rains Spring 2013 at Still Life For Him & For Her

For Him & For Her: Rains Spring 2013

The face of a new Danish rainwear brand is being formed, and we’re happy to be a part of this formation as we welcome Rains to Still Life For Him & For Her for Spring 2013. As just about anybody living on the wet West Coast of Canada can attest to, rainy days shouldn’t stop you from going out and experience new things; this is why Rains has been welcomed to the fold at Still Life with open arms, slipping in perfectly amongst our strong selection of waterproof outerwear. Rains‘ straight forward approach to practical, well-designed, affordable outerwear is ideal for a life spent running in and out of vehicles or appointments downtown.

The Rains brand is still young, with creative brains teaming together in Denmark to create a concept based as much upon their individual dreams and ambitions as it is rooted in authentic Danish culture and environment – resulting in a fresh, modern selection of menswear and womenswear rain coats. Gleaning inspiration from high performance industries like military, construction and maritime, Rains has produced a selection of jackets for Spring 2013 as straight-forward as it gets: unisex designs that work for every body, in a variety of classic colours all coming in at a perfectly approachable price point and ultimately, keeping you dry.

The Rains team suggests that although a rainy day can be annoying and unpractical (your documents are soaked running to the car) it can also be incredibly beautiful and cleansing (staring out at the Pacific as it gulps down more and more water to its depths). And it’s not like they’re in Denmark doing rain dances all day long, Rains just aims to put a more positive association to wet weather, and be a part of the experience rather than always trying to simply get out of the rain.

Available immediately in store at both Still Life For Him & For Her, we’re carrying stock in Rains most popular bodies in our favourite colours. Come by soon to snap up styles including their Long Jacket, Curve Belted Jacket and Navy Poncho before they’re all gone. Rains Spring 2013 will be photographed and available soon to purchase on our online store…

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