Minimum Spring 2013 at Still Life For Him & For Her

For Him & For Her: Minimum Spring 2013

Our first proper Spring 2013 has arrived, filling the front racks at Still Life For Him & For Her with bright colours, lightweight fabrics and easy to style fashions from Minimum. This collection, our first from the decade-and-a-half old Danish fashion brand, was a hit across the board when we first viewed the line last August, and we’ve eagerly anticipated the delivery ever since.

Spring 2013 sees Minimum take inspiration from Christiania, one of Denmark’s most fascinating, colourful and happy places. Founded in the early 1970s, Danish squatters took over an abandoned military site in the middle of Copenhagen and proclaimed it a ‘free self-governing utopian society’ – ever since the controversial area has become synonymous with freedom, love and easy-going bohemian lifestyle. Mixing both sides of Christiania, this first delivery from Minimum celebrates the individual style the area supported so strongly. Focussing on the details in each piece, Minimum offers designs made with the sole purpose of being used – in materials that can endure it. Camouflage prints layer under washed out denim, heather grey jersey pairs with boldly coloured knitwear and prints, and unstructured blazers dress up simple scoop neck tees.

Minimum was established in 1997 by Peder Tang as a small retail shop in the centre of Aarhus, Denmark leading to the first mens collection in 1999 and the debut of womens in 2007. Minimum focusses on creating each seasonal design as unique and perfect as they can. High quality products, unique details and a feeling of having fun wearing them are the core of the brand, while at the same time being affordable. The Minimum vision is to conceive and develop progressive, modern designs adhering to the roots of Scandinavian cool that we at Still Life love so much.

Minimum is now available at both Still Life For Him & For Her in Victoria, BC and will be available online soon right here at

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