Filson Fall 2012 at Still Life For Him

For Him & For Her: Filson Fall 2012

With Victoria midway through one of the mildest Fall seasons in years it seems strange to be thinking of what winter has in store for the Garden City – but make no mistake, whether you’re prepared for the rain & the wind or not, winter is coming. With the onset of cooler temperatures and harsher weather patterns comes the need for warmer layers and rugged, weather proof accessories – enter Filson. Made in Seattle since 1897 the brand motto for the legendary Pacific Northwest company is “You Might As Well Have The Best” – and that’s exactly what they’ve been crafting for well over a century.

Offering a range of products traditionally found in fish & game stores around the world, the Filson brand has had a resurgence as of late due to a renewed appreciation for high quality, domestically produced mens & womens fashion staples and rugged accesories. With a brand backend that guarantees every Filson product for life, it can be hard to consider any other option when presented with the best.

With Filson finding homes in shops like Still Life For Him & For Her around the world, the brand has begun offering new colour options (black) as well as trimmer fits in some of their most coveted brand basics. Fall 2012 sees Filson arrive at Still Life For Him & For Her with a large variety of merino wool knit caps and gloves, quality goat and lamb leather gloves, Mackinaw wool blankets and a full range of rugged twill totes, backpacks and briefcases.

Living on the wet west coast of Canada, all of us at Still Life For Him & For Her very much appreciate outerwear and accessories that can stand up to the wind and the rain. Filson‘s introduction of their Tin Cloth backpacks, totes and duffle bags in a modern, city-appropriate black finish this season has been met with jubilation amongst the Filson faithful at the shops. With some serious fall weather apparently just around the corner, it’s time to get yourself and your loved ones prepared by the best.

Filson Fall 2012 is available now in store at Still Life For Him & For Her and on our Online Store.

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