DS & Durga Winter 2012

For Him & For Her: D.S. & Durga Winter 2012

Wafting through the front doors of Still Life For Him & For Her direct from BrooklynD.S. & Durga has arrived with a huge variety of handcrafted perfumes & colognes just in time for Christmas. We’ve watched with pride as the olfactory tonics & aromatic preparations from the young brand have grown in popularity both within Victoria, as well as the rest of the world. With features in GQ, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Free & Easy, WWD & The Wall Street Journal all over the past two years, D.S. & Durga has taken a strong foothold in an industry typically dominated by celebrities and ultra high end fashion labels.

Gearing up for holiday gift giving, we’ve stocked up on all of our best selling D.S. & Durga perfumes at Still Life For Her and colognes at Still Life For Him, as well as a couple of new additions to the roster we’re excited to have in the shops:

  • Boston Ivy: A memory of Boston in the ’80s. Where green moss & ivy grew next to IRA graffiti and fresh clover was salted by the sea. Scent notes: Light bodied, ether (ocean), green. Available at Still Life For Him.
  • Burning Barbershop: A fire broke out in the Curling Bros. barbershop in Westlake, New York in 1891. All the shaving tonics with their spearmint, lime, vanilla & lavender burned. A charred bottle was found half-full. It smelled like this. Scent notes: full bodied, fougere, smoke. Available at Still Life For Him.
  • Cowboy Grass: American sagebrush, flowering white thyme, & prairie switchgrass from the wild western territories. Perfect for robbing banks on horseback. Scent notes: medium bodied, herbs, wood. Available at Still Life For Him.
  • Freetrapper: Beaver trappers were the cowboys of early America. Renegade mountaineers of the Jacksonian era who cut trails through the wild in search of beaver pelts  –  prized by hatters, doctors, & perfumers. Dark cedar, snake root, synthetic beaver castor, & wild bergamot. Scent notes: Medium bodied, animal, citrus, spice, wood. Available at Still Life For Him.
  • Italian Citrus: A bracing cologne of coastal Italian citrus rinds – chinotto, blood orange, cold-pressed lemon  and green  mandarin with ambrette seed & clean musk. Scent notes: masculine, light bodied, citrus, musk. Available at Still Life For Him.
  • Bowmakers: Amongst the transcendental woods of the 1800s, craftsmen from the Massachusetts Bay Colony built violins  &  bows in the tiny towns of the Pioneer Valley. The shops were riddled with old growth mahogany, burled maple shavings, amber pine rosin, aged walnut & their unique secret varnishes. Scent notes: masculine/feminie, full bodied, ether (ozone), leather, wood. Available at Still Life For Her.
  • Coriander: Sparkling leaf, cubeb, green pepper, & cracked Ukrainian coriander   seed. Cool spices & Mediterranean seabreeze — like the hills above Odessa. Scent notes: feminine, light bodied, ether (ocean), green, spice (cool). Available at Still Life For Her.
  • My Indian Childhood: Culled from memories of India through the eyes of a young ex- pat. Patchouli & tobacco with tropical flowers – champaca & kewda – evoke the mandirs of Durga. Scent notes: feminine, full bodied, floral, tabac. Available at Still Life For Her.
  • Silent Grove: In a random patch of New England   woods,    a    linden clad pond rests untouched. American lotus floats. Dew drops hang upon the marsh grass. Phillips beach air is not far. Portable seclusion. Scent notes: feminine, light bodied, green, musk. Available at Still Life For Her.
  • Siberian Snow: Rare, narcotic jasmine, crisp mint, Oriental amber, sandalwood  &  powdery incense. Worn by Countess Anna Vladoska at her legendary balls. Scent notes: feminine, medium bodied, amber, ether (ozone), spice (warm). Available at Still Life For Her.

D.S. & Durga make perfume and cologne in small batches using premium-sourced raw materials. All scents are created exclusively in-house in Brooklyn, New York. Some of their inspiration comes from outdated herbal wisdom, native ritual medicine, lore and legends, historical movements and Americana. The scents are the stories of prospectors, gentry, trailblazers, frontier women, drawing rooms, workbenches, cowboys – fragments of half remembered legends, movements, events, and foreign lands.

Shop D.S. & Durga scents in store at Still Life For Him & For Her or from the comfort of your home on our Online Shop.

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