Brixton Women's Spring 2013 Nora Hat

For Him & For Her: Brixton Spring 2013

Spring 2013 styles from Southern California’s Brixton have arrived at Still Life For Him & For Her to help bridge the season between the end of winter and the beginning of spring in beautiful British Columbia. Brixton‘s signature hats have always been the core of the post-skate/lifestyle brand, and we’ve received more than ever with this first spring delivery at both shops.

As the bulk of Brixton‘s accessories (and apparel for that matter) hinge on the idea of unisex wearbility, we have stock at both Still Life For Him & For Her in some of this season’s most exciting hats, caps & accessories. Available for the guys, wide-brim straw sunhats are available in The Jasper and Olsen styles, The Gain hat remains well stocked in both straw and classic felt, and our variety of the classic Oath Snapback is strong as ever with a variety of colours and prints available. Our ladies are loading up on hats rolling forward into spring with a great variety of styles at the women’s shop – The Pack and Louella Hats are both available in multiple straw colours, great widebrimed felt styles that tend to wear even better year-round are in stock in The Tiller and Nora Hats, and a strong variety of the boyishly-cute Hooligan Caps are almost always in stock at Still Life For Her.

Whether you’re simply covering up an off hair day or maybe testing the waters on a whole new look for the season, hats are a great way to spend a little money for a lot of style. All of Brixton‘s spring headwear options are very strong at both shops. If you’re jetting off for a late winter vacation, grab a new straw or felt wide-brimmed option and give it a test drive far away from home – upon your return you’ll be confident and comfortable in a strong new look that may help bring your favourite outfit all together in a whole new way.

Brixton Spring 2013 is available now at Still Life For Him & For Her in Victoria BC, and will be available online soon at Hit play on the video below to get a feel for the entire Brixton Spring 2013 collection.

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