Dani Press Cards Christmas 2012

For Her: Dani Press Cards Winter 2012

Dani Kreeft may be small, but her heart is huge, and her selection of incredibly-sweet Dani PressĀ greeting cards continues to grow with every delivery we get our hands on at Still Life For Her. This year Dani wanted a heart-warming, simple Christmas selection of cards so she sent a cute little pack of holiday cheer over with the rest of our order to keep us prepared for the season.

These holiday cards are a wee bit smaller in size than regular Dani Press Cards, so they haveĀ just the right amount of room to send a quick holiday note to the last few people on your list. In addition to holiday sentiments, we’ve been restocked with all of our popular cards – some of which we’ve posted below in the gallery for your perusal.

Dani Press, the little card shop that could, began as a way for Dani Kreeft to send her local Vancouver, and international travel photography out into the world. Adding beautifully simple type-written sentiments to each photograph helps to say the sweet words that sometimes escape us at the right moment. Enveloped in recycled kraft paper the cards have a vintage, well-loved look and feel – something that helps these cute little cards find a way into the hearts of everyone who sees them at Still Life For Her.

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